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Personal Photography Services:

Adventure Photo Shoot:

This fully personalized photoshoot is great for elite and sub-elite athletes, or those athletes wishing to reach out to potential sponsors. The premise is simple! I'll accompany you on an adventure for 1-2 hours in a location  of your choice. Whether a mountaintop or seashore, biking, running, hiking or skiing... it's up to you! We'll spend time creating a variety of shots, being sure to get exactly the looks you need, even if you don't know what you need! Each shoot will include 10 fully-edited, full-resolution downloads, with additional downloads available. Prints will be available from a private gallery here on this website. Fully custom means you get to tailor exactly what the shoot entails. Want to bring your dog? Great! Want to tackle three different sports with different outfits? Sounds good! Costs vary depending on complexity, timing and location of shoot, and start at just $120. You can see sample photos from adventure shoots here!

Adventure Video Add-on: 

If you wish, you can add on some video to your personal photo shoot. With this add-on, we'll spend a bit of additional time getting some high-quality 4k video footage of you in your element! Whether I'm leading/following you with a stabilizer, or shooting from afar with larger cameras and longer lenses, this can be combined into an awesome highlight video! The video add-on starts at $50, and varies depending on length and complexity of the video portion of the shoot. This cost includes all raw video files. Editing these clips into a final video is available for additional cost, but I recommend flexing your creativity and doing that yourself!

Highlight Reel Video Shoot: 

This is designed for high school athletes, especially those in individual sports that might not have recruiters attending games. We'll spend a lot of time getting high-quality 4k video footage of you playing your sport. Many options are available at costs starting at $120, and varies depending on length and complexity of the shoot. This cost includes all raw video files. Editing these clips into a final video is available for additional cost.

Custom Photography: 

Have a unique combination of needs for photography? Email me and see if I can help! While I'm most experienced in the landscape, athletic, adventure and video realms, I can help you with your portrait, product or architectural photography needs. I love working on unique projects, so email me to see if it's a good fit!

Race Photography Services:

Race-Branded Downloads free for Participants:

An increasingly popular option with race organizers is offering their participants free photo downloads that include the race's logo. Make sure your race keeps up with the industry! This ensures that participant photos that are shared on social media all include the race logo! This can also be a great chance for a key sponsor to get some publicity, as some races choose to have a company or organization sponsor the photo downloads. There are a lot of options! Costs for free edited downloads range from $2 - 4   per participant depending on race location, complexity and size. Full-resolution downloads and prints are always available to participants for purchase. Full-resolution downloads with a commercial license are also available at additional cost for race organizers use. As a runner and race director myself, I have many options to help you. Contact me to see how I can help your race improve its outreach and what it offers athletes. You can see sample photos here, or feel free to browse all my photos organized by year and race.

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